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2018 Alumni Awardee Kevin Hommel

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Dr. Kevin Hommel, 2002 graduate of the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at OSU returned to campus to receive the inaugural Center for Pediatric Psychology Distinguished Alumni Award from the Center for Pediatric Psychology at a reception in his honor. Dr. Hommel is a Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Center for Health Technology Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. During his visit, Dr. Hommel presented a colloquium detailing the utility of technology in promoting self-management and adherence in pediatric chronic illness populations, including youth with inflammatory bowel disease and youth with migraines. In doing so, Dr. Hommel discussed the implementation and efficacy of different digital therapeutic strategies as well as the nuts and bolts of developing and piloting innovative online programs, apps, and medical devices.

Given Dr. Hommel’s extensive experience with NIH funding, as well as his role as Chairperson of the NIH/Behavioral Medicine: Interventions and Outcomes Study Section, Dr. Hommel met with faculty to discuss NIH grant-funding. Dr. Hommel also visited Dr. Chaney’s Ethnic & Cultural Diversity graduate class to meet with graduate students. He discussed the steps students at each level of training can take to position themselves well for grant funding opportunities, how to determine if internship sites protect time for research, and the benefits of postdoctoral fellowship positions. Dr. Kevin Hommel’s visit was greatly appreciated by faculty and graduate students, and a wonderful kickoff to future Center for Pediatric Psychology honorees!


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